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Thin Clients

Access your all Applications and store your data into your Main SERVER or computer. Thin Client saves space, save electricity and also huge maintenanace cost

Network Infrastructure

To share information from 1 to many you need Network. And we have experience to help you with Right Networking Infrastructure

Wifi Infrastructure

Wifi gives you Flexibility & Mobility. However Secure Wifi is must in these days. Let us help you in deploying Wifi Solutions

Data Backup

Prevention is better than cure.
So take your backup daily with an automised app


1. Daily Backup can save your company huge financial loss.
2. If your work on Daily Basis then you should backup on Daily Basis.
3. Automise Backup saves huge cost and time

Data Leakage Prevention

There were 69% more data breaches in 2021 compared with 2020, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) in its annual report on data breaches.

Internet Security

Internet is a boon. If its used Wisely.
Get productive work done from Internet by restricting Internet for the team

Telephony Solutions

Communication within Team is must and frequent. So deploy right telephony solutions which are flexible and upgradable for future


1. Analog Telephony is quite cost effective and easy to use.
2. IP Telephony is the next gen technology where user can call from anywhere in the world.
3. Inbound & Outbound Call Center Solutions depending upon your process flow requirements.
4. Mobile is the next future. So we help you to deploy Mobile Telephony solutions

Data centralization through NAS

Store your data at Centralised Storage and access as per the User Wise Rights Access


1. Centralise Data can help to access your information from anywhere and from any device
2. User Wise Rights helps to secure your information from unecessary disputes

Call Center Solutions

To generate Leads we often need to make several calls in a day. And if this calls are accountable and then it bring results to the organisations and their team efforts. So deploy right Call Center Solution before calling to the accounts

Microsoft Licensing Solutions

We help you with right Licensing of Microsoft Products. Use Genuine software’s and avoid Piracy


An High End Computing Device where all resources are stored at Centralised Place and all users in the network access from there.

Cloud Computing & SERVERS

Cloud gives you convenience to work from anywhere, anytime and with ease. Startups use Cloud Computing to grow fast

Domain & Web Hosting

Secured Hosting will always help you to stay available online when your clients needs it. So choose your hosting provider wisely

Annual Maintenance Program

AMP of your IT Infrastructure always help you to stay updated, upgraded and productive.

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