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Easy, Affordable and Effective CRM for Businesses

Sangam CRM is the first customer success platform that helps you run your business with ease. It helps you track your customers and maintain a healthy relationship, nurture leads before they become customers, close more deals, and sell more to existing customers.

Sangam CRM features


Sales CRM

Sangam is a simple CRM solution for sales executives. Organizations can manage leads, opportunities, activities and reporting with ease. With its beautiful interface, it’s easy to use.


Helpdesk CRM

Sangam revolutionizes the CRM software industry by providing a solution that not only ensures that your support processes are compliant but also helps you realize better service levels and customer satisfaction.


Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM Software Never miss an appointment, track your activities easily. Log Calls and SMS automatically. Mobile Dashboard manage your team. Configurable Mobile App


CRM Integrations

CRM integrates with your website, Yellow Pages Portals, your ERP or any other software application. Built-in integrations include SMS, Email Tracking, Telephony, LinkedIn, etc


Custom CRM

CRM is great out of the box, but it can be customised to suit your Business Processes. Every module, every field, every automation, every report can be customised.



Sangam CRM comes with a secured web API that can be used to integrate with any software application like ERP etc. Comes with complete documentation, Sample files & telephonic support.

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