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Cyberoam Firewall – Internet Security from Internal as well as External Threats


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As day by day our dependency on internet is increasing, we have to put restrictions on the access of the same internally as well as externally.

External Threats

External Threats – External threats such as mal-wares, spamware, ransomware & other various internet threats have been ruining our data as well as our operational works. We have to make sure data which we access are filtered through anti-spam and various filters to get secured and reliable data. By deploying firewall they have all filters checks before accessing websites as well other internet based applications. Along with it Intruders from outer world cannot have direct access to your network in compassion to other open networks.

Internal Threats

Internal Threats – Along with the external threats internal threats are more harmful, as user demand access to those sites which may download some scripts into our system and therefore spread havoc in internal network. To prevent this your system and server should be installed with latest antivirus definitions and rules based internet access should be defined. Content based internet access help us to carry out productive work from users and henceforth you can targeted results from your team be just deploying a simple firewall.

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