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Back Up Solutions For Small Business Boast Enterprise Features


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Hard disks can fail, laptops can get stolen, and operating systems do crash. Frankly speaking, it’s not really a question of ‘if’, more of ‘when’. For this reason, an effective business data backup policy becomes as essential as insurance – It might not be the uppermost concern on your mind, but when things go wrong, you’ll be glad you spent some time and energy getting it right! While big businesses and corporations might have more ‘mission-critical’ data, their access to greater resources lets them splurge on the best tech money can buy. It’s actually the small and medium-sized businesses that have the most to lose, and with limited resources, need to plan carefully for their backup needs.

External Threats


The best business cloud storage services make it easy to safely and economically share files with your employees and other business contacts across the globe – through password-protected emails, mobile phone apps and other methods.These are the following features :

Storage Capacity

The companies that have plans for the data you need to store, whether it is a terabyte, 10 terabytes or more and may be details of employees as and when company expands to 100 employees.


Businesses that make the most of bandwidth and of every gigabyte of storage with technologies like deduplication, idle backup and bandwidth throttling.

The best business cloud services encrypt your information – some even do it twice – and also allow you to design your own encryption key.


Companies make that very easy and secure with mobile phone access, syncing capabilities and branding tools that can make a good impression on clients who need to use files stored in the cloud.

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